Letsgo Nigeria

Are you planning to visit Nigeria? Interested in its people, culture, arts, history, Entertainment, fauna and flora?

This app allows you to discover places to visit before you travel! Get to know its natural landmarks, wildlife reserves with dense rainforest, savanna and rare primate habitats.

The Terracotta sculptures of Nok Civilisation (500BC), Kingdom of Nri (9th century) manifested in the Igbo Ukwu bronze items, bronze items from the Ife Kingdom (12th century) and the Royal Bini mask of the Kingdom of Benin (16th century) highlights some of the diverse riches in history and culture found in the app.

You can select places to visit and save them as favorites. Navigate to any of the destinations from where you are using google maps.

Explore amazing destinations in Nigeria and share the locations with friends and family.